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Can earth sustain itself? 

Can we humans... if we destroy

the earth?


Tolomay's World and the Pool of Light

​Tolomay's World The Wall

Tolomay's World and the Splitting of the trunk

Tolomay's World and the Mountain of Tegi

Five travel through to begin life on a clean earth.  What occurs during their trip, changes the future of mankind. 

The Pool of Light is the first book of the Tolomay's World series.

What's in store for Tolomay at the Mountain of Tegi?  How does she react to the untold horrors that have occurred there?
The Mountain of Tegi is the second book of
​the Tolomay's World series
Can Tolomay live with her choice?​
Who dies and who can keep alive?
The Splitting of the Trunk is the third book of the Tolomay's World series
With all that's happened within the community, can they continue to work together?
When the fighting begins, will any survive?
The Wall is the fourth book of the Tolomay's World series


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