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Excerpts- The Pool of Light

                  Tolomay's World and The Pool of Light Excerpt-


            She was three years old and he was once again shaving her head

            smooth.  The blond pieces fell to the floor.

            “Father, why must I lose my hair each time it grows?” she asked. “Do

            you not like it?  Is it ugly to your view?”

Tarron stopped what he was doing and turned to her.

“My angel, your hair is most beautiful.  I want to save it for you so you can share your light with others.”

“My hair is my light?”

“No,” he said touching her cheek.  “Your light is the strength of your spirit of heart, my child, but your hair matches its beauty.”

Tarron walked to a cabinet and removed a small box.  It contained every bit of Tolomay’s previously cut hair.  She knew where he kept it.  He opened it and pulled out a very thin section, whose bottom curled to a ringlet on one side.  Cupping his hand beneath hers, he spread her finger’s flat.

“This was your first hairs,” he said, laying the strands gently onto her palm.  “From when you were an infant.”

“But if you like my hair father, why do you keep it in a box?  Do you not want my head to share it, like all the others?”

       “I keep it so we can weave your dress from it, Tolomay.  So you can...
                  Tolomay's World and The Mountain of Tegi Excerpts-


                  Down the hallway and through many others, I went.  It was a
                  maze as complex as the forests in the clean world.  In my frantic
                  mind, I’d not thought it to notice our path.  These walls were all
                  barren.  How could I find my way from here?  If I could get to the 
        great halls, I would have a weapon.
        Footsteps approached.  They belonged to the liar.  When he turned the
        hallway, he stared at my...
        Studying the landscape in all directions, there were many signs of 
        water along the way.  They glistened in the sunlight.  That was most
        important of all.  Both we and the beasts would need hydration.
        I waited through an endless eternity for the others to return, practicing
        my self-defense behind a tall section of rock, sitting to wait, then doing
        it all over again.  It was the most challenging task I ever accomplished,
        to stay and wait for them to take me down to...


                   Tolomay's World The Splitting of The Trunk Excerpts-


                   “This afternoon,” he insisted.  “We are not yet ready.  But 
                   Carmella will be anxious to see you.”
                   Tolomay stared at him.  She wondered how the hill could not be
        ready for her eyes.  Still, she did not argue.  He was taking care of
        her and she would let him.  She was with him again.  That was nearly
        all that mattered.  She would have his warm comfort now,
        throughout her days.  No matter all else that happened in this world
        they would be together...


        Her world had gone mad in just one year’s time and the weight of it all
        burdened her spirit like nothing she could have imagined.  The whole
        of her being gripped itself into knots in her stomach that ached greater
        than any pain she had known.  She had no more tears tonight, and she
        was out of time.
        It would be dawn soon...






                  Tolomay's World The WALL Excerpts-
            Kenter looked to Tolomay, who was biting her lip, and then
            viewed the other females at the table, their eyes sparkling,
            cheeks rounded, lips tightened.  All of them, even Sandra,
could barely contain their laughter as they stared at him in wait of his reaction.  Realizing his brows were still tightened in confusion, he relaxed instantly, put down the Potato and knife and stood taller.  Some faces were turning themselves red from holding back.  Kenter looked to the paper in Tolomay’s hand and swiftly snatched it.
‘Potato Basil Soup’ read the title.  He scanned the page.  It was one of Laura’s recipes, nothing more.  Not a single name written upon it.  She had made every one of them up.  Kenter raised eyes to Tolomay, his face...
Time crept as they waited beneath the heavy sky which smelled loudly of coming rain.  With swords in hand, they lurked in the shadows of the bushes a short distance from the eating room, their eyes growing more accustom to the darkness with each passing moment.  In her effort to move closer to the edge of the gowa they stood beside, to share the view Kenter held of absolutely nothing, Tolomay stepped upon his shoe before settling her feet properly.  Beneath the
cloud-filled night they kept eyes to the door, anticipating a confrontation.  It was so silent she could hear...